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"Energoremont - Radnevo" EOOD is a company specializing in the construction and repair activities in the energy, mining and industry, manufacturing, installation, repair and rehabilitation of mining, boiler and turbine equipment. It produces metal structures and spare parts for equipment in energy and mining industry. It provides services for control and determination of the remaining lifetime of the metal.

ER Radnevo is a part of the structure of "Energoremont Holding" JSC. The company was established by the holding company as a "greenfield investment" in order to participate in main, emergency and planned repairs and modernization of power plants in "Maritsa East" complex. It is located in the complex. In recent years, as a result of the specialization between subsidiaries of the holding, the company devotes to building and installation works.

"Energoremont - Radnevo" EOOD has extensive and successful experience in implementing of large projects and modernization of energy facilities, mining equipment and in the construction of environmental friendly facilities for them. It owns the most advanced lifting and handling equipment and highly qualified and experienced specialists.

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“Energoremont – Radnevo” EOOD implements a new project for reconstruction in “Asarel Medet” AD

“Energoremont – Radnevo” EOOD started execution of a new contract with subject “Reconstruction, moving and installation of Semi-stationary crushing unit” of the Cyclic flow processing line (ЦПТ1) in “Asarel Medet” AD that was stopped so far....

“Energoremont – Radnevo” EOOD started repairs of heavy equipment in “Maritsa East Mines”

“Energoremont – Radnevo” EOOD won and started a new project for repair of heavy equipment in “Maritsa East Mines” EAD, which ensure the supply of coal to produce 40% of electricity in Bulgaria. The contract includes the repairs of excavator SRs 2000...


Manufacture and repair of equipment

  • Producing of metal structures, sand blasting, application of anti-corrosion coatings and delivery to the site
  • Production of heating surfaces
  • Repair and restoration work on facilities in the energy sector
  • Production of spare parts for equipment of TPP and Mines Maritsa East

Repair of power equipment

  • Installation of metal structures and technological equipment in TPP and environmental sites
  • Rehabilitation of power units in "Maritsa East 2", "Maritsa East 3" together with other divisions of "Energoremont Holding" JSC
  • Main, medium and emergency repairs of equipment of power plants in the region
  • Construction of desulphurization systems in Units 5 and 6 in TPP "Maritsa East 2"

Rehabilitation and repairs of mining equipment

  • Installation of heavy mining equipment and environmental sites
  • Rehabilitation of heavy mining equipment
  • Rehabilitation of rubber belt conveyors
  • Rehabilitation and renovation of repair workshop and warehouses

Participation in the construction of desulphurization systems of Units 5 and 6 of “Maritsa East 2″

Rehabilitation, main and emergency repairs of facilities in TPP “Maritsa East 2″

Current management and rehabilitation in TPP


hotel Hotel "Energoremont - Radnevo" has 2 suits, 5 twin rooms, 7 double and 11 triple rooms. Each room has a private bathroom, air conditioning, central heating, refrigerator, cable TV and internet access. A free guarded car park is available for the guests of the hotel.

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MG_6527 Currently "Energoremont - Radnevo" offers the following jobs:

  • Electric welder - 3
  • Oxygen welder - 1
  • Operator of chain crane - 1
  • Miller - 1
  • Fitters - 3

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